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Core Values

> Passion for positive changes
> Care for worker & environment
> Drive for sustainability


To help brands and manufacturers achieve sustainability goals.                                                                                                                                           

Footprints was initiated to meet the need of brands and their suppliers to improve the labor standards and environmental factors in the supply chain. We believe that a safe and informed workplace can deliver social and environmental compliance and thus offer a win-win proposition for workers, buyers and suppliers.

Business Philosophy

We do not seek merely to expand our business. Footprints is small by design so that it can provide quality and dedicated service to clients. We believe supply chain CSR is a delicate and important field of work that touches upon lives of people and the environment. We measure our success by making a positive impact in saving environment and helping few workers.

Countries:     Bangladesh   |   Malaysia   |   Pakistan   |   India   |   Sri Lanka   |   Jordan   |   Japan
Projects:        Fire Safety   |   Foreign Contract Worker     Grievance Management   |   Worker Committee


Audits: Social & Environmental

Our audits are not mere filling out of check-lists. Engaging of workers, understanding of factory’s challenges and a holistic knowledge of the industry makes our audits effective and welcoming to workers, factory management and brands. We ensure that there is a positive return-on-investment from the audits – both for brands and for suppliers. We are small which allows us to work with focus.


Engage our team in short to longer term projects where you see fit. We have the necessary background and experience of working with multiple stakeholders and service providers to deliver result-oriented projects. Objective of all our projects is to build capacity of the factory and workers to sustain the practices in the long run.

Stakeholder Engagement

Success and sustainability of supply chain CSR initiatives relies heavily on co-operation from your vendors, suppliers, NGOs, worker bodies and other brands in the factory. Footprints can help you collaborate with key stakeholders to set you in the right path of a collaborative model.

CSR Advisory

Make use of Footprints’ experience and exposure to initiate or enhance your CSR initiatives. Our strong focus on sustainability and cultural knowledge of important sourcing countries in Asia will help you shape your ethical trading program. From building of audit tools to revamping them, from mapping of critical risk factors to identifying best practices, we help you take the right course of action.

Training & Capacity Building

We understand the issues at factories and we know that every factory is managed differently. Our training modules are custom-made based on individual circumstances. The interactive and engaging training sessions invites fresh perspectives and ensures sustainable impacts. Our training installs the right management practices at factories.

Factory Development & Remediation

Building systems rather than applying quick-fixes is at the core of all of our factory development initiatives. Thorough analysis of root causes and working closely with factory management lets us come up with sustainable remediation plans.


Place of Audits In Sustainability Age

Critical Analysis

While audits continue to be a major part of the CSR initiative of almost all brands, often in recent times it has come under lot of scrutiny. So what has changes in the minds of brands that they suddenly want to do away with a component of their programs that have served them for last


Saif Khan
Supply Chain CSR Consultant
                                                                                                     See Full Profile

Saif Khan is a Bangladeshi supply chain labor rights and EHS practitioner. With years of experience in supply chain social compliance, Saif now manages a startup CSR consulting firm based out of Hong Kong.

Saif is a trained and experienced labor standards auditor, whose work has covered social and environmental assessments, systems assessment, occupational health and safety, stakeholder engagement, and training primarily in Bangladesh, but also in Malaysia, Japan, China, Sri Lanka and other countries. From 2007-2012 Saif worked as Compliance Officer, Senior Compliance Officer and then Compliance Supervisor in an American brand’s social responsibility program in Bangladesh. Projects of particular interest include supporting factories to establish effective and functioning worker management committees.

Since 2012 Saif has worked from Hong Kong, travelling to Bangladesh and around Asia for leading international brands to conduct audits, assessments and engagements programs with factories and other stakeholders.

Saif holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration with concentration in finance and economics from North South University in Bangladesh. He speaks Bengali and English besides basic Mandarin Chinese. On a professional level he has undergone several training related to supply chain CSR that includes auditing, training, sustainable compliance method, environmental assessment, etc.

Hired as a consultant to Bangladesh Accord Foundation, Saif rolled out the safety inspection project in Bangladesh initially. Being one of the first hires of the project, Saif worked alongside the Steering Committee, Executive Directors and Chief Safety Inspector to roll out the inspection project.

Saif’s interest lies on building a sustainable compliance model that is built around a systems approach which emphasizes on worker engagement and optimum productivity.

  • Labor Standard Audit
  • Environmental Audit
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Training and Facilitation
  • Supplier Development
  • Ethical Trading Consulting
Recent Work
  • Fire Safety – Bangladesh
  • Foreign Worker Issues – Malaysia
  • Management Training – Bangladesh
  • JITCO Worker Issues – Japan
Career History

CSR Consultant 2012-Present

Program Management Consultant 2013-14

Compliance Supervisor 2007-12


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