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About LaborVoices with Kohl Gill

Kate Larsen and Saif Khan join Kohl Gill, CEO of smartline service provider LaborVoices, to discuss about his company’s services and plans for greater supply chain transparency.  

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Bangladesh Factory Safety

Kate Larsen and Saif Khan join Marcus Wilert in discussing about possible action steps for Bangladesh factory safety situation after the Rana Plaza incident.  

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Cambodia Factory Closure

Kate Larsen and Marcus Wilert join Saif Khan  in analysing the implications of Kingsland Cambodia factory closure case and sourcing brands’ position in such circumstances.

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Place of Audits In Sustainability Age

While audits continue to be a major part of the CSR initiative of almost all brands, often in recent times it has come under lot of scrutiny. So what has changes in the minds of brands that they suddenly want to do away with a component of their programs that have served them for last

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Fire Safety in Bangladesh Factories

Now that a lot has been said about the causes of these fires, let’s turn our focus on what can can be done to address this issue. One honest admission that many would agree with is that improvements cannot happen overnight. But, if ever, now is the time to start. A lot has to happen

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